And Yellowcard is back with a new album, and new bassist! Considering their previous release, When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes, came out last year, this new CD was a super-fast turnaround for the band. Having been on tour for nearly 200 days last year, passing through 30 countries and playing approximately 150 shows, the last thing a band wants to do is kick it into high gear and release a new record. Nevertheless it seems the writing and recording came pretty easily for Yellowcard, and when the creative juices are flowing, you roll with it!

When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes was first released back in March of this year (2011). After a bit of a hiatus (although the band had cited an indefinite hiatus in 2008), the band hits us with a two-punch release. I like Yellowcard, and I like Yellowcard acoustic. This album just justifies how awesome this band really is and at first listen, you can easily recognize the band’s identifiable sound. The release is reminiscent of Ocean Avenue (2003) and Paper Walls (2007).

Sean Mackin, violinist and vocalist for the pop punk/alternative rock band Yellowcard, recently took some to answer a few questions about the band’s new album, When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes. This disc is chock full of unbelievably catchy, hook-driven Pop-Rock/Alternative tunes that offer up nothing but a good time. It’s a solid, rocking disc that is absolutely worth checking out and I would recommend it without reservation. Here’s what Mackin had to say.