Quebec band, Blessed By A Broken Heart (BBABH) recently signed to Tooth & Nail Records to release their upcoming studio album, Feel The Power. I recently got the chance to ask drummer Slater a few questions about the new record, signing with Tooth & Nail and his switch from keyboards to drums. Read on to learn more about Slater and Blessed By A Broken Heart.

The New York City based band PUi has been creating quite a stir in the music scene with what they call neo primal rock. Whatever you call it though this genre defining music is heavy, primitive and infectious; it literally seeps into your very being. I had the opportunity to speak with guitarist Prince Nazimcan Shuva about the band, their new video and their upcoming release. Here is how the conversation went.

Since their formation in 1990 the Brazilian death metal band Krisiun has been dishing out a punishing lethal dose of fury and aggression. That longstanding tradition is carried on in their newest release, The Great Execution which contains all of the elements that have garnered them so many accolades over the years; monster guitar riffs and commanding vocals delivered at an extremely furious pace. I had the opportunity to speak with bassist/vocalist Alex Camargo about the band and…