Whitemare is an incredibly rambunctious, dirty rock band from the UK who’s new video for the song “Elm Grave” we have the pleasure of premiering to the world. Here’s a description of the video from the band: “The video for ‘Elm Grave’ was shot in one evening in Brighton with our mate Guy Pearce. As it was our first attempt at a promo, we tried to make it raw, fun and trashy, the perfect aesthetic to compliment our primitive approach to making music. Enjoy!”

“Ours is the Fury” is the first single from The Misfires’ debut EP Songs About Stuff. The Edmonton-based punk band is composed of members of All Else Fails, Naked Beauty, and Mervin Albyn and according to their bio “play music they like for the sake of playing music they like.” This video, produced, directed, and edited by Barrett Klesko, was shot in the studio and shows many of the actual album takes.

Beyond Within is the highly anticipated debut EP from Northern Irish metal quartet 7 Days Dead. The self-released work was recorded at Manor Park Studios, Northern Ireland with producer Neal Calderwood (The Answer, The Dangerfields, General Fiasco, Million Dollar Reload, Therapy?) and the cover artwork was designed by Kieran Hill from Dog Day Design. Enjoy this exclusive world premiere and be sure to buy the disc once it drops. ROCK!

Hardrock Haven is premiering the track “Crosses In The Sand” from the new Images of Eden release ‘Rebuilding the Ruins’ at THIS LOCATION. Lead singer Gordon Tittsworth: “Rebuilding The Ruins is a concept CD about gaining wisdom [and] strength from our past experiences and overcoming traumatic events in our lives until we learn all that we are here on this Earth to learn. Only then is it time to move on…”