Before I even started listening to this collection of wall-shaking anthems, I had read the press release that accompanied Full Blast Fuckery about five times and had built up this mental image that Wilson were the coolest, baddest, craziest band on the planet. They’re described as “five dudes with beards and big dicks” and when you hear the pissed-up, smashed off their tits rock n’ roll on Full Blast Fuckery, like me, you’ll wish that they were your best mates, your brothers, and your drinking partners all rolled into one.

New Damage Records is proud to announce the addition of Detroit-based alternative metallers Wilson to its roster. Subscribing to the old-school ethos of heavy riffs and heavier partying, Wilson will release their debut full-length album Full Blast Fuckery on July 9, 2013. To get a little taste of what to expect on their new record, Wilson has premiered their latest track “College Gangbang”.

The growl of chainsaws making firewood of fifty foot pines. That’s WILSON. The howling of a pack of wolves battling a rabid moose. That’s WILSON. The panting, gasping breaths of a smoke break “nooner”. That’s fucking WILSON. The citation for a noise violation… that’s just where the party begins. If all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, then all party and no bullshit have made WILSON juggernauts. For the past two years WILSON have transformed shows into parties, and concerts into riots throughout the Midwest. Sharing stages with the likes of Every Time I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Steel Panther, Valient Thorr, Escape The Fate, Between The Buried and Me, Wilson has not only held their own, but raised the bar for how much fun live music can be.