The long-anticipated split by Whirr and Nothing is in no way a let down to anyone that’s been waiting for it. The two new songs from each band are perfected with the expertise of veteran producer Will Yip. Nothing’s contribution is a full-on aural assault: the two songs are aggressive, yet harmonious. The ongoing blown-out barrage lulls with only brief periods of quiet melody that hit like armistices. Yet, the songs are harshly beautiful in a way that perfectly captures the Philadelphia band’s definition of reality.

After releasing “Mumble,” Whirr are back with the second single from their forthcoming album, Sway. Additionally, the band is bringing their devastating live show to fans across North America at the end of the Summer. Stream “Heavy” via the SoundCloud player above and get ready for the release of Sway on September 23rd via Graveface.