While Heaven Wept


American prog metallers, While Heaven Wept, are back with a vengeance. Their epic new album Suspended At Aphelion is a towering achievement of unsuspected magnitude. The unique mix of many musical influences into a sole, 40-plus minute track definitely marks a new landmark in the band’s two-decade-long career. Given the comments of mainman, Tom Phillips, they’re barely warming up and are already preparing a long-awaited tour. Check out all the juicy details he reveled, exclusively for PureGrainAudio.

Visually, 2014 has been one of the most interesting years for Metal in recent history. We’ve had plenty of striking images fronting thousand of album covers. Surprisingly, most of them have showcased both technical finesse and conceptual relevance. In this article (the fourth installment of …And Justice For Art’s mini-series about the subject), we keep exploring some of these works of art. Discover what the people involved in their creation had to say….

Suspended At Aphelion is yet another album that, for quite some time now, has been highly anticipated by the metal world. This time out the doom metal legends have undertaken a tremendous task in writing one single, forty-minute song divided into eleven parts that is designed to be taken in as a whole. Not to say you cannot flip through the tracks but, after having listened to it both ways, I truly believe the straight-though approach is the most comprehensive way to fully appreciate the epic majesty that is Suspended At Aphelion.