we all bleed


Over the last six or seven years, Crossfade has established themselves as one of the U.S.’ top hard rock acts, but it hasn’t been without its challenges. In this interview with lead singer Ed Sloan, Ed talks about parting ways with Columbia and how the band ended up signing with Eleven Seven Records. He also takes us through the writing and recording of We All Bleed, how the band goes about writing music and why they chose to self-produce the new record.

I recently had a chance to speak with Les Hall, guitarist of the hard rock band Crossfade. The South Carolina based band has just released their latest disc, We All Bleed on Eleven Seven Music. The band has just finished up a 3 month tour and they are preparing to head out once again on the Rock Allegiance Tour with Buckcherry and Papa Roach later this summer. Here is what Hall had to say.