This Tampa-based metalcore act have just released a monstrously heavy, brutally punishing slab of metal titled, Voyager. Album opener is an instrumental that while good, does not hint at the looming aural assault in “Distant Voices” that immediately rips into you with seriously down-tuned guitars, raspy guttural screams, and breakdowns galore. I was surprised that amidst the aural carnage there remained a fair amount of technicality woven in; these guys can really shred!

Good news from Eastern Europe! Jim Jams, a young and promising modern metal band from Kiev, Ukraine, is about to release it’s new album entitled Dasein. Being a quite well-known group in both the Ukraine and Russia, Jim Jams has now decided to release their second LP in English. From the very beginning of the band’s existence the guys keep experimenting with metal styles and with every new work they have something new to say, both in terms of music, atmosphere and lyrics.

The Catalyst is yet another jewel-of-a-find brought to my attention by Forcefield Records; this is some odd-yet-cool, sludgy and heavy stuff. The press kit says that the album will appeal to fans of Nirvana, Converge and the Melvins, and while I guess that’s true, I personally think fans of heavier stuff will love these guys as well.