Utopia is the newest release from the Italian progressive metallic outfit Element Of Chaos and as it contains elements of so many varying musical styles, really defies sub-genre categorization and seems to simply fall under the heavy metal blanket. It is heavy and death metal raspy at times while at others it is lighter and much more melodic.

Imminence Records’ Lament has just released their new single entitled “Utopia” on YouTube – listen to it below. Guitarist Kyle Bonello commented on the standalone single by saying: “With our new single, we are trying out new ideas since we now have two guitarists to bounce ideas off of. The idea for ‘Utopia’ was to incorporate more melodic parts while trying to maintain the overall heaviness of our first release. The idea of the single was to give everyone a taste of what is to come in 2013. We are hoping for it to be a good year for us.” Lament will follow up this single with a split EP with Isolations and Angelmaker, a new release on Imminence Records, and lots of touring.