Tyrants Blood


Brian Langley is a man of many different musical pursuits. He’s most well known as the fire-breathing singer of Vancouver extreme speed metal band Tyrants Blood. However, in addition to TB Brian also plays guitar in Blood of the Martyr and Cradle to Grave and toured with Scythia as a second guitarist for a brief period in 2012. If all of that wasn’t enough, he also has sung with the legendary underground band Infernal Majesty! Brian is a fixture of Vancouver’s underground metal scene and he graciously agreed to take the time to speak with me regarding all of his musical projects and what’s next for them.

Vancouver’s Tyrants Blood have revealed a new song from their upcoming album Into the Kingdom of Graves. The song, titled “Spiral Sea” deals with a complete lapse of sanity and sets the theme for the entire album which deals with darker themes. Check out the ripping track “Spiral Sea” below!

Tyrants Blood are a Vancouver-based black thrash/death metal band featuring members of legendary Canadian bands, Blasphemy and Infernal Majesty. Tyrants Blood was formed by ex Witches Hammer/Blasphemy guitarist Marco Banco, (Traditional Sodomizer of the Goddess of Perversity) and local drummer Kevin Volatile in 2006. The group now consists of Marco Banco, ex Abuse drummer Matt Blood Modder, Infernal majesty vocalist Brian Messiah Langley and bass/vocalist Vinnie Borden.

Despite the fact that Crushing Onward Into Oblivion is close to three years old, I felt I just had to get this album reviewed – it’s that good! Tyrants Blood are an extreme speed metal band from Vancouver that have been kicking around since 2006. Formed by ex-Blasphemy and Witches Hammer guitarist Marco Banco, I recently became aware of the group when they opened for Weapon in January. Live, the band absolutely slayed and naturally I just had to hear their recorded output.

Tyrants Blood are an extreme speed metal band that were conceived in late Summer 2005, and solidified its original lineup in January of 2006. Started by ex-Witches Hammer/Blasphemy guitarist Marco Banco (Traditional Sodomizer of the Goddess of Perversity) and local drummer Kevin Volatile, the group now consists of Marco Banco, ex-Abuse drummer Matt “Blood” Modder, infernal Majesty vocalist ‘Brian “Messiah” Langley’ and bass/vocalist Vinnie Borden.