“Ghost In You” is the latest from blitz-rock quartet Black God, here for your endless streaming pleasure. You may not be overly familiar with the sub-genre “blitz-rock,” so think of frenetic, energetic two minute punk rock blasts of momentum since that’s always what you’ll get from a typical Black God track. The Louisville, Kentucky band has been releasing new songs like the pace of their music over the last two years. Since 2011, Black God and No Idea have teamed up each year to release a new six song edition of straight to the point melodic punk/hardcore, cleverly titled One, Two and Three.

Within The Ruins, who are currently recording a 7″ EP titled ‘Omen’, have released their second studio update video to give the fans a glimpse into the recording process. See the guys in all their glory below, and be sure to get a copy of the ‘Omen’ EP 7″ this May on Victory Records. ‘Omen’ will feature new songs as well as covers from Metallica and Kansas.