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Canadian neo-rock nerds Double Experience recently spent their Summer not only touring the USA, but also headed across the pond and, this past August, recently wrapped up their third UK tour (dates below). Entitled the L.A.R.P. Tour (The Live Action Rock Performance Tour) the band performed three weeks of show dates across England, Scotland and Ireland in promotion of their new album 721835 released on August 1st and recorded by fellow science-fiction aficionado Al Jacob (He is Legend, A Skylit Drive).

Kick your weekend in the teeth with “Napalm Lungs” from Colorado audio terrorists Call of The Void. Brought to you by commercial music mega portal Pitchfork.com, “Napalm Lungs” comes off the band’s soon-to-be-detonated ‘Dragged Down A Dead End Path’ full-length. On ‘Dragged Down A Dead End Path’, Call of The Void meticulously fuse all the prime tenets of crust, punk, hardcore and grind into what Pitchfrok dubs ten “cathartic, anthemic bursts,” making for a 25+ minute traumatically enjoyable listening experience.

We made it to the eastern tip of Canada and back to southern Ontario with few problems other than the occasional horde of raving zombies that needed to be slaughtered. Little did we know that the near vehicular miss we had suffered in Montreal (see Facebook page for pictures of the car that drove up the side of our car and flipped itself but only damaged our car in a very minor way) was actually a hit; the rear axle of our touring vehicle had been cracked in the accident but didn’t break all the way until we were driving…

You see a lot of things, living life on the road as a band in a van. Some things are awesome, some things are not. Some things are all too common and we roll our eyes at them condescendingly. Some things are grotesquely unusual and our eyeballs pop out of our skulls. That’s okay though, because everyone knows blind people make better musicians. On our current coast-to-coast of this vast and godforsaken land called Canada, these are the places we have been and the things we have seen.

Vancouver punk act Living With Lions is set to release their sophomore album, ‘Holy Shit’, on May 17 via Adeline Records. The provocatively titled album embraces the vivacity of punk rock and features anthems of regret, frustration, longing, and triumph. The music video for “Honesty, Honestly” premieres today on Alternative Press TV.

The Dear Hunter has released a new video exclusively on their official website and social networking pages, which can also be seen on Triple Crown Records’. Shot in Providence, RI at Strangeways Recording, it gives fans a glimpse of the making of the ‘Orange’ EP from the band’s forthcoming epic 9-EP collection, ‘The Color Spectrum’, which features Brendan Brown from The Receiving End of Sirens sitting in on bass guitar. You can view this video below.

Veteran rock band Clutch have just announced a 9 date headlining tour beginning May 20th in Reading, PA to promote their forthcoming ‘Basket Of Eggs’ project, as well as serving as an extended warm up run for their large scale European Festival tour in June. The 10 day south-eastern US run (dates below) will feature Maylene & the Sons of Disaster as main support. Clutch will keep the average ticket price for these shows to a fan friendly $17.50.