To Speak Of Wolves


Howdy cowboys and cowgirls, welcome to another installment of Tattoo Talk. This time we have To Speak Of Wolves vocalist Gage Speas talking about the sweet inkage he has gotten over time. If anyone has seen TSOW live they’re sure to know this guy loves his tattoos. Check out what Gage has to say about his tattoos and the meaning behind them.

Let me start off by saying I enjoyed this album more than my PGA counterpart, Bruce Moore – as you can see by my review’s rating versus his. The thing that I like the most about this album is that new front man Gage Speas does both the clean vocals AND the screaming – it’s fantastic. Then you take a song like “A Simple Though That Changed Everything” and get a curve ball as it doesn’t feature any screaming at all! Instead it really showcases Gage’s singing talents. With that being said, this album is darn near close to perfect.

Just one week remains until the release of North Carolina powerhouse To Speak of Wolves’ ferocious new album, Find Your Worth, Come Home, already praised by heavy music tastemaker Revolver as “sweeping, anthemic metalcore.” Two days after releasing the album’s first epic video, the band is teasing fans with the debut of a fourth track from the anticipated album, “A Simple Thought That Changed Everything.” “‘A Simple Thought…’ is a pretty different song for us as it is all singing,” says drummer Phil Chamberlain. “We wanted to try something different and we wanted to share this song to show a different aspect of the record that we haven’t previewed yet.”

Recently I chatted with the metal band To Speak Of Wolves about their new album, Find Your Worth, Come Home. The new disc is scheduled to be released on May 22, 2012 via Solid State Records and is already racking up tons of positive praise. The band also talked about their future plans and what it is that makes them who they are. Check it out!

New vocalist Gage Speas ups the ante on To Speak Of Wolves’ newest release Find Your Worth, Come Home. The group brings the heaviness right from the beginning with deep, drop-tuned and at times dissonant guitars combined with Speas’ powerful and passionate screaming vocals. This is an extremely intense disc that at times is influenced by one of my favorite bands; the mighty Norma Jean. I highly recommend checking this disc out, it should continue to get great reviews.