thrash metal


He has been called the “Bob Marley” of metal, and his name is synonymous with legendary bands Sepultura and Soulfly. These days, Max Cavalera is dividing his time between the still active Soulfly and his new band, Cavalera Conspiracy, which he formed with his brother, Igor. Recently I was fortunate to talk to Max about how he got into metal, who he would love to collaborate with…

If you ask a metal head what they look for in a band they will usually state these four properties: heaviness, thrash, technical and energy. These properties are the make and break standard for bands in metal. Derelict, a band from Montreal, Quebec has conquered all four on their latest album Unspoken Words.

Hardcore metal is a genre that too many new bands decide to go for. It’s like it’s a train, and they all just decide to hitch a ride. They may not even care where it’s going, as long as they have fun doing it. Dead to Fall is a band that is hardcore metal, often termed metalcore, but they do things a bit differently and as a result garner a ton of respect amongst metalcore fans.