the veer union


The Veer Union recently released their sophomore album, Divide The Blackened Sky, via Rocket Science Ventures. Being a fan since their 2009 radio-friendly rock debut Against The Grain, I went into this album with preconceived notions. Almost immediately after I hit play Crispin Earl’s voice startled me – he has a combative presence on the opening track “Borderline” and I like it!

Vancouver hard rockers The Veer Union recently released their new single “Bitter End”, from their sophomore record Divide The Blackened Sky out now via Rocket Science Ventures. This song is chock full of catchy melodies and choruses, and from the very start the guitar plays a hypnotic line (very Linkin Park “Hybrid Theory” sounding). Said guitar is quickly followed by in-your-face drums which remain for the rest of the song. Vocalist Crispin Earl’s voice sounds claustrophobic and somewhat anxious during the first verse then opens up for the chorus. Once that happens, it is balls-to-the-wall rock n’ roll at its finest.

“No matter where we end up we have no regrets. We feel we have made a great record and we feel good about it; it is real, it is honest.” Those are the words of Crispin, the vocalist from the Canadian rock act The Veer Union. Over the years, I have interviewed quite a number of musicians and artists but none has impressed me quite as much as the guys from The Veer Union have. The bands latest CD, Against The Grain has just been released and they have been touring the country virtually non-stop in its support. I recently had a chance to sit down with the band before their gig at The National, in Richmond, VA. where they were the opener for Black Stone Cherry, Theory Of A Dead Man and Hinder and throughout the conversation two things were overwhelmingly apparent. These guys have a passion for what they are doing and they are all extremely humble and down to earth.