The Used


Imaginary Enemy is The Used’s sixth studio offering and has been described by some as “their political album”. While it would appear that way as the album sparks into life with frontman Bert McCracken “calling for revolution,” there does also seem to be another side to this disc with songs like “Cry” dealing with subjects immediately more personal to McCracken.

Ah, The Used. This alternative rock foursome seems to always know how to produce increasingly complex, emotive and approachable new music while maintaining the specific signatures that A. make the The Used, The Used and B. have garnered them the accolades and droves of fans they already boast. It’s no surprise then, that their April 1st, 2014 release, Imaginary Enemy, has been racking up positive reviews worldwide. this said, instead of your standard interview, bassist Jepha Howard tackled some of our Purely Provocative questions with both charming and hilarious results. Read up on it, yo!