The Story So Far


The Story So Far is streaming a new song titled “Navy Blue” from their upcoming acoustic EP Songs of. Songs of, which was recorded at Nu-Tone studios in Pittsburgh, California by engineers Ben Hirschfield and Scott Goodrich, will be released June 17th and the band will be playing all of this Summer’s Vans Warped Tour on the main stage.

With a line like, “It’s my life, so you should bounce and never call again,” it’s obvious The Story So Far doesn’t like to mince words. They’re blunt, angry, and contemporary; all proven by the line above. Another terrific band in the pop-punk revival that seems to be adding to its ranks daily, this Californian quintet rails in double time like all punk should, allowing the guitars to chug while vocalist Parker Cannon – what a name – renders the breakup song in full pop-punk splendour.