the dirty nil


The Dirty Nil are what you would refer to as rock n’ roll. Plain and simple. This band can be described as loud, distorted and out of control, with an intensity unmatched by most competitors. Their musical style is characterized by distorted guitars, loud, pounding drums and desperately howled vocals. The Dirty Nil originates from Hamilton, Ontario and is a three-piece assault on your ears.

An unknown band and an unknown sound, and even at the first chord you aren’t expecting much. But then in comes the jumpy rhythm to propel this pop gem and save the day. The song relies heavily on the hook created by the tight drum bass combo, and by tossing in some energetic vocals and a whole lot of fuzz/distortion/fuzz/feedback. The Dirty Nil – not the most beautiful band name ever – create a sizzling piece of garage rock.

The Dirty Nil are a fuzzed out garage band born in a Dundas, Ontario, Canada basement. They like their music loud and distorted as hell. They have toured the East Coast of Canada twice and have two EPs available. Recently they released their first single “Fuckin’ Up Young” that is available online and soon to be available as a physical 7″ record.