The Day of The Beast


With their roots and influences deeply planted in 80’s era thrash bands, the 5 men who together form The Day of The Beast came together in 2007 with one goal in mind – METAL! They brought their own additional influences to the table (black metal, death metal, HP Lovecraft, Aleister Crowley) and before their unique sound was barely finalized they would find themselves signed to Canonical Hours Records.

From the very beginning of The Day Of The Beast’s new album, it becomes very evident that these Virginians have advanced several steps further, both musically and production-wise, since their 2008 self-titled debut. Accurately titled Relentless Demonic Intrusion, the album is precisely that: a vicious slab of Metal madness with decent production values that mixes raw and honest aggression with Lovecraftian lyrics and other occult subjects.