the dandy warhols


Though I know they’ve been around for a while and have quite the cult following, I’m new to The Dandy Warhols camp and honestly had no idea what to expect. With such an intriguing name I must say I was more than anxious to dig into this new release and see what the group was all about. In my mind the band name sort of lends itself to the indie genre and I believe I wasn’t far off; the overall sound is a sort of an indie/grunge hybrid.

The Dandy Warhols have been a band for 18 years. ‘This Machine’ is the Dandy’s 8th official studio album and was recorded over the course of 2011 at The Dandy Warhols rock clubhouse/ entertainment megaplex/studio The Odditorium. The band recorded the album with their longtime engineer – producer Jeremy Sherrer. Taylor-Taylor describes this record as “stripped down, woody and extremely guitar centric.”