The Cult


In an ingenious move often reserved for film, The Cult has announced they will be releasing a ‘prequel’ to accompany their latest critically acclaimed album, Choice of Weapon. The digital-only release Weapon of Choice reveals the songs at a stage of development that will be of interest to The Cult’s fans and followers. Grab the song “Twisted and Bleeding” and get a sample of the new disc today!

The Cult rolled into Montreal’s Le Métropolis on September 1st, 2012 and though I never was a fan of the band, the faithful seemed delighted with the night’s performance. I personally enjoyed the band playing song after song while skipping the ubiquitous yet unnecessary drum solo and the pee break inducing guitar solo. Fans pay to hear songs and The Cult delivered in spades on that count. Well done!

One strum in and you can easily identify that it’s a Cult album. Choice of Weapon is their ninth studio release and by no bias at all, this album is pretty awesome. Let me clarify, this album is epically awesome. If I could describe the disc in one word, it would be pure. It’s pure rock; sure it has some classic Cult and some modern Cult elements, but The Cult has always managed to stay true to style and swagger.

The Cult have released another single from their latest album Choice of Weapon out now on Cooking Vinyl Records. “Honey From a Knife,” the lead off track from The Cult’s critically-acclaimed new studio album Choice of Weapon, hits radio this week. The song, rooted in the seductiveness of addiction, has been singled out in numerous media reviews for its raw energy, sexual rhythms, Duffy’s knife-edge guitars and Astbury’s impassioned vocals, all woven around the song’s mesmerizing chorus, “We got the drugs, the drugs in here.”