the contortionist


With only two weeks remaining before the release of their highly anticipated new LP, The Contortionist are debuting a new single called “Primordial Sound” today. “Primordial Sound” is also available as an iTunes “Instant Gratification” track. Meaning, fans who pre order Language today will get the single immediately. That’s also the case for “Language I: Intuition,” the first track the band premiered a few weeks ago. Fans who pre order Language today will receive both!

Heavy progressive rock act The Contortionist have debuted a brand new single titled “Language I: Intuition” the first half of the title track from their upcoming LP Language, due out September 16, 2014. “Conceptually, the song highlights the intuitive nature that stems from the creative process itself,” says guitarist Cameron Maynard. This is the first new material we’ve heard from the band since the release of Intrinsic in 2012. The band also shot an all new music video for the new track with Corey Norman at Bonfire Films, which will be debuted very soon.

The Contortionist guitarist Robby Baca may be very young, but he’s already making a name for himself and band as part of the new wave of progressive metal acts surfacing from the States. With such a diverse sound one would think he uses a bunch of crazy gear to capture all the tones; however, Robby keeps it simple, using his clean channel, a lot of ambient progressions and the Boss Delay and Chorus pedals to beef up those melodic parts and make them shine. Here’s what he said about his gear.

There is a staggering number of metal bands today playing the same old stuff. Freshness isn’t as prevalent as it should be, but some groups do step out of the mold. One of these such bands is The Contortionist, five young lads from Noblesville, Indiana who are just in their early 20’s, but already have the skills of the bands they idolized growing up. Recently the guys came to Toronto supporting Periphery and I had a chance to sit down with guitarist Robby Baca and talk about the music and the hype behind the band.