Since the band’s 2008 release, The Formation of Damnation, Testament has seen a huge surge in popularity, with some reviewers and fans now proclaiming the band to be on par with the “Big 4” of thrash metal. It seems everywhere I’ve looked for the past month or so, Testament has been gracing the cover of every major metal outlet, or at least featured prominently within its pages. In short, The Formation of Damnation was arguably the best album of their career and as a result, expectations for Dark Roots of Earth were set SO high that it was unlikely they would be met.

I got to Parc Jean-Drapeau around the same time 36 Crazyfists hit the stage. I could hear them rocking both past songs and new songs off their upcoming release Collisions And Castaways. The live set was sounding great as I stood waiting to get in. After came Skeletonwitch killing fans with their death/thrash mixture. By the time I got in they were on their second last song and fans were definitely mesmerized by their talent.

The Legendary Thrash Metal pioneers Testament are preparing to release a deluxe edition of their critically acclaimed The Formation Of Damnation. Vocalist Chuck Billy took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with me about the new release and the band’s upcoming summer tour. Testament is one of those bands that not only helped to define the Thrash Metal genre but has also consistently released relevant music, disc after disc.

When you’re talking about the top five metal bands of all time, most people would probably agree on a few key names, Judas Priest, Metallica, Megadeth and Testament. Although not as commercially popular as the other three aforementioned bands, Testament is widely considered one of the true innovators of thrash metal that has influenced so many metal bands today. After…

Testament have overcome all sorts of adversity to become one of the most respected and heralded metal bands today. After dealing with cancer, record label woes and membership issues, the band has returned with their best album in years, The Formation of Damnation. After over a decade of exiting the Bay Area band, original lead guitarist, Alex Skolnick rejoined the fold and added his trademark solos to the album.