There are two ways to look at this album, given that the interwebz is a scary place, and a user can often discover new material having completely missed its origins, like I have. I came across the British progressive metal band TesseracT right as Daniel Tompkins, not to be confused with the sixth Vice President of the United States, was leaving the band and Elliot Coleman, a DC/Marylander, stepped up to the cricket plate. I watched a few TesseracT studio session videos on YouTube, a few of Elliot being a beautiful beast live, and a slew of vocal audition covers as Elliot’s departure was announced. So while I knew what TesseracT sounds like, especially with all of the “djent” bands who followed, I never listened to One, their debut album, until AFTER I listened to Altered State at least 4 or 5 times in its entirety.