tampa bay


Swedish warmongers Watain, obliterated Tampa Bay’s The Orpheum with their lethal formula of Scandinavian Black Metal. They came to town as part of the Decibel Magazine Tour’s line-up and oh boy… their set simply ruled! Vocalist Erik Danielsson magnetic aura involved the helpless souls of those in the crowd and by the end of the show instead of an audience the band had in front of them a legion unconditional believers. Hail!

They came, they played, they destroyed! Poland’s Black/Death Metal conquerors Behemoth, invaded Tampa’s The Orpheum as headliners of the 2012 Decibel Magazine Tour. From opener “Ov Fire and the Void” to closer “Lucifer” they simply dominated the night and the audience didn’t have any other choice than surrender to the larger-than-life personality of guitarist and vocalist Nergal. Definitively one of the best live shows of the year so far. A night to remember for the ages to come.

French Metallers Alcest brought their ethereal mix of Black Metal and Shoegaze to the legendary Crowbar in Tampa Bay on March 21th, 2012. It was a night filled with plenty of magical moments and an intimate atmosphere. The band focused on playing cuts from their recent, highly acclaimed album Les Voyages De L’Ame, as well as songs from all previous recordings. The night was captured using a Nikon D-90, Nikkor Lens 19-105mmm f: 3.5 and Tamron 28-75 mm f:2.5.

Traditionally, Tampa Bay’s audience doesn’t seem to be very fond of Metal bands with strong melodic leanings. Most fans (and bands) in this part of the US are still deeply rooted in the Death Metal revolution that took the underground by storm during the early 90’s. That’s probably why expectations weren’t high on the night that French metallers Alcest came to town to deliver their unique blend of ethereal Melodic Black Metal and Shoegaze. Surprisingly, all bets were wrong: a pretty decent crowd (formed mostly by 20 and 30 year olds) invaded The Crowbar, helping to create an intimate yet electrical atmosphere.