symphonic rock


Earlier this year Within Temptation was voted “Best Live Band” at the Metal Hammer Awards, and if you have ever been to a Within Temptation show it is easy to see why! Within Temptation brings some serious game when it comes to their live performance. They really go out of their way to make the night special for adoring fans. Vocalist Sharon den Abel mentioned they brought more gear then ever before to the United States in order to give fans the best show of their lives. Within Temptation hit the road with Amaranthe to promote their 6th studio album, Hydra. We had a chance to see their epic set in September at the famous Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA.

Originally broadcast last year by the BBC in celebration of Queen’s 40th Anniversary, Days Of Our Lives has been presented to audiences as “the definitive documentary” about this iconic British rock band. Trying to comprise decades of vital rock history in just 2:30 hours was a task of monumental proportions, but director Matt O’Casey (mastermind behind the BBC series ‘I’m in a Rock N’ Roll band’) accepted the challenge and emerged mostly victorious.

Still riding the high from meeting the beautiful Sharon Den Adel earlier that afternoon, I walked into Rams Head Live expecting a goth crowd… also a really large crowd. After all, Within Temptation is the Netherlands’ best export (besides tulips and cheese). I was pleasantly surprised – yes, the crowd was big, but there were people of all ages out to rock to some good ol’ European symphonic metal.