From Darkness, the acclaimed new album by the Canberra-based sludge outfit I Exist, will made available on CD and LP on March 18 via Prosthetic Records. You can pre-order the album from the Prosthetic webshop HERE along with exclusive bundles pairing the release with a t-shirt featuring the album’s artwork (as featured above). Described as “Australia’s best kept secret” (Decibel), I Exist has also unveiled a studio video for the new song “Heal Me In Smoke” consisting of footage from their recording session in Melbourne with Blood Duster’s Jason Fuller (King Parrot, Mindsnare) along with video tour diary footage from their recent European tour with Harms Way. Stream the video below!

I recently caught up with Chris Reifert of the legendary death metal band Autopsy to discuss the group’s newest release, Macabre Eternal. After more than a decade off the grid the guys are back with a vengeance; Macabre Eternal is a no-nonsense, death metal record from the critically acclaimed masters of the genre. Here’s what Reifert had to say.

‘Leaves/Scars’, the third album by the instrumental rock band Beware Of Safety, we can hear them becoming one of the latter bands: taking high risks and bearing astonishingly high rewards. After touring on ‘Dogs’ in 2009, the band decided to begin writing the next record and for the first time in the band’s six year history, the album was to be written completely from scratch. Watch the premiere teaser video featuring studio footage and audio from the new song “Meridian”. Watch the video below the track listing.

In this 69 Eyes web exclusive, you get to go into the studio and see the band’s massive guitar set-up. You also get to hear what Matt Hyde (producer of Back In Blood) thinks of the band, and how he tries to make this the band’s most guitar driven album to date.