The Skull, the new band featuring original members Eric Wagner (vocals) and Jeff “Oly” Olson (drums) of American doom metal legends Trouble alongside longtime Trouble bassist Ron Holzner, guitarist Lothar Keller (Sacred Dawn) and former Pentagram guitarist Matt Goldsborough, will release their debut album For Those Which Are Asleep on November 4th. In advance of the record’s release, The Skull have premiered the new song “Till the Sun Turns Black.”

All Them Witches, the Nashville-based quartet who made waves in underground psych circles when their 2012 debut album Our Mother Electricity received praise from Roadburn and a rerelease via Stefan Koglek’s Electrohasch Records, return with Lightning At The Door, on September 16. The album’s first single, “Charles Williams,” is already enjoying airplay at WRLT and was featured in the band’s recent Daytrotter session – check the song out just above.

Italian doom quartet Return From The Grave have just released their new album Gates Of Nowhere on Argonauta Records. You can stream the album via the SoundCloud player found below. If you are thinking of a band with the Sabbath’s 70’s mood and a metal sound of stoner/doom flavor, you have to give a listen to Return From The Grave, the new intriguing signing of the Argonauta Records roster!

Lycosa are an interesting band. Not interesting in the way that you want to laugh at them, but rather really and truly interesting. The group hail from Pittsburgh, PA and formed in 2010 – this Self-Titled EP is their debut and it’s definitely a strange beast.

Norwegian stone rock band Kal-El has just signed a worldwide deal for the release of their new album ‘Pakal’ with the label Wormholedeath. The band entered Valhalla Studio in 2013 with a clear idea of how to sound and how to arrange the songs so the job was done within a few weeks. No pre-production, no fancy mumbo jumbo, just plain passion and rock n roll and ‘Pakal’ was born. The album is set for a May 26, 2014 release date. You can stream a new track below.

I’ve been sitting behind my lap top for about 2 hours trying to think about what to say about Kyng, and I’m still not sure. Burn the Serum is Kyng’s second album, and I never heard the first one. My initial reaction to the music actually got me thinking about what is current day rock? For the most part, there does not seem to be “mainstream” rock anymore. Everything that is “rock-ish” has either fallen more under the umbrella of “somethingsomething metal” or Nickelback.

Signed to Retro Futurist Records, the label started by three members of stoner outfit Kylesa, Canadian psych/metal trio Sierra have the honour of being the first release on the label and, after listening to the psychedelic, lazy riffs pouring out of this album, we’re very much hoping this is an indication of what is to come from both the band and their label.