Straight from Stockholm, Sweden is the pop/rock, indie rock band Slim Loris. The group came together as recently as 2009 out of, at that time, two recently broken up indie bands. The members of Slim Loris wasted no time getting down to business on writing and recording and quickly produced their debut record Amateur Night at the Asylum, followed by some intense touring.

Putrified is based in Stockholm, Sweden and is comprised of one man and one man only. This dude, simply referred to as A. Death (also known for his work in Infuneral), birthed Putrified in the Fall of 2010 in an effort to explore his own conception of “necrotic metal of death & decay.” With a new album, Neurotic Necrotic, set for release in 2012 via Hellthrasher Productions, the future looks bright for this sinister act.