Filmed in Hannover, Germany and produced by Helge Engelke, the music video for Nitrogods’ song “Black Car Driving Man” is the latest from their self-titled album and is just plain awesome. The German rock and roll band featuring guitarist Henny Wolter (Thunderhead, Primal Fear, Sinner), drummer Klaus Sperling (Freedom Call, Primal Fear) and bassist/vocalist Claus “Oimel” Larcher, released their debut Nitrogods in February. We’re so stoked to be hosting this exclusive world premiere and hope you share the video!

If you want to learn about German band The Intersphere, you have little more to rely on than its third album, Hold On, Liberty!. Aside from numerous announcements on rock websites that the album is due soon, not much is available about it on the Internet (even its official website, is light on content, and its Facebook page is naturally in German). It’s a barrier we hope Long Branch/SPV will surmount since we predict that would-be fans will want to learn more about the quartet of Christoph Hessler, Thomas Zipner, Sebastian Wagner and Moritz Müller. But it’s also a treat to enjoy a band strictly for its music instead engaging in myriad technologies to keep track of what the drummer ate for lunch.

You might refer to Fullforce as a Swedish heavy metal supergroup. Formed three years ago, Fullforce features former members of HammerFall along with Cloudscape and Silent Memorial singer Mike Andersson. The group recently signed with SPV/Steamhammer Records to release their debut album One just released in Europe in June. The album has been getting some good reviews so far with a North American release set for July 26th. The band has not had much of an opportunity to tour yet but they have dates set for…

Iconic Southern Rockers Molly Hatchet will be releasing ‘Greatest Hits II’ this coming Tuesday. This collection features studio recordings and live tracks from their SPV/Steamhammer releases starting with 1996’s ‘Devil’s Canyon’ through their latest studio release 2010’s ‘Justice.’ Also featured on this two disc collection is a previously unreleased song from the ‘Justice’ record sessions. This track entitled “Sacred Ground” can now be heard for the first time HERE.

I recently had the chance to speak with Geoff Thorpe, guitarist for the melodic power metal band Vicious Rumors, about their new disc Razorback Killers. I found this CD to be refreshing; all of its tracks are solid, melodic, metal tunes that are a quite enjoyable listen. Solid musicianship abounds, as does the capability of writing fantastic, hook-driven, approachable music. Here’s how the conversation went.