special edition


Most Best-Of compilations tend to be a cash-grabbing marketing vehicle of old classics with a token new song to market as a single. Best Of Feeder happens to be an excellent nine song new album with 41 bonus old songs thrown in there for good measure – and it’s totally worth the money it will cost you.

Meshuggah has had such an incredible influence on modern metal. This EP is a remastered release of their 2004 EP, I, which according to their drummer Tomas Haake, was written first as a jam session that was later rehashed and tracked. It’s 21 minutes of groove and polyrhythms that will make your vertebrae bob on different beats.

In 2008, long time guitarist Timo Tolkki left Stratovarius and signed over the Stratovarius name, royalties and catalog to Timo Kotipelto, Jens Johansson, and Jörg Michael. What have these boys done since then? They recorded a new album Polaris and also re-released a special edition version of Infinite. This re-release comes as a two disc set, and boasts more new tracks.