In my youth I remember wearing an Eyehategod t-shirt to college to piss off the tutors. It worked. I hadn’t heard actual Eyehategod at the time but, being an impressionable teenager, I liked the name. Years later, and early on into my venture into music journalism, I found myself sat in the Camden Underworld in London, England. It’s a delightfully shitty venue which, at the time, smelled of piss, sweat and blood. I was watching a train wreck of a band called Eyehategod. It was brilliantly chaotic and, in 2014, I find myself getting the same feelings listening to their new album.

The much-hyped group Bloody Hammers has already begun some intense promotion in light of the pending June 10th North American release of their new album Under Satan’s Sun (Napalm Records). Featuring 10 new tracks teeming with the band’s signature concoction of heavy rock, which boasts everything from gothic and psychedelic rock to doom and stoner metal, this recording is already looking like it may come in as the band’s best to date. We chatted via email with lead vocalist and bass player, Anders Manga, about the key gear he used to create the band’s wickedly fuzzy sound on this new album.

Staffordshire, UK is where you’ll like run into the groove-infused Southern rock/metal quintet Tussk. A relatively new group, members Sean “DuBeck” Beck (vocals), Oll Connell (drums), Kris “Cougar bait” Capewell (guitar), Matt “Pulled A” Massey (bass), and Luke Springett (guitar), have wasted no time in ushering the down-tuned and fast-paced groove fest they call music into the unsuspecting ears of as many people as possible. Need an example? Look no further than this world premiere of their new EP Par T.Animal. Sure… you didn’t know of them before, but now you won’t be able to stop listening!

Holy Crap!!! This is not what I was expecting at all. Manifesto Of New Standards is the latest release from the Spanish metal act WIS(H)KEY and let me tell you it is freaking dope! This down tuned gem has all the necessary elements of a killer metal record; it is heavy, raw, and visceral with riffs that kick you in the teeth and vocals that are both powerful and abrasive. Need a description? Think the Southern metal sound of Pantera melded perfectly with the nu metal sensibilities of Mudvayne or Bloodsimple, plus a healthy dose of melody thrown in for good measure.

Holland’s The Charm The Fury are already kicking up a whirlwind of interest even though, in terms of career length, this is still a band who are in their infancy having only been together for three years. Well, the band dubbed as “Holland’s best kept secret” are about to drop their debut album on an unsuspecting metal scene, so you’d better get yourself prepared for this devastating piece of work!

You all know the My Ruin story by now, so I won’t waste time going over old ground; much in the same way you know that when you put on a My Ruin album the rock n’ roll couple will get straight to the point, giving their loyal fan base everything they demand. So, while there is no questioning as to whether or not The Sacred Mood is another full-force, kick-ass rock n’ roll record, the question is how does it stand up to previous My Ruin offerings?

It doesn’t take much time spent in the company of the filthy swamp metal peddled by Death Valley Driver before you’ll find yourself comparing their grizzly, sludgy groove to that churned out by Pantera towards the end of their career. Not that this is a bad thing, in fact it is most definitely not, but it does give you a good starting point for the rest of this grimy album.