So Hideous


Prosthetic Records is excited to reveal its latest signing – the acclaimed, genre-defying Brooklyn quartet So Hideous, who will release their full-length debut Last Poem / First Light on CD, cassette and 180-gram black vinyl on April 29. The band, which features brothers Brandon (guitars) and Chris Cruz (vocals/bass) alongside longtime friends Danny Moncada (drums) and Etienne Vazquez (guitars), forms an emotionally diverse mélange of post-hardcore, symphonic black metal and experimental/shoegaze fused with classical influences.

Last Poem/First Light is the newest offering from the NYC-based extreme metal band So Hideous. Mixing blackened metallic hardcore with orchestral arrangements and pianos, this disc is quite interesting to say the least. The contrast between the harsh, heavy guttural vocal parts, the solemn piano and the cascading orchestra is quite striking and surprisingly, works very well.