The debut album, Misery Wizard, from the band Pilgrim is a massive slab of slow-burning, sludgy doom metal. This is true doom metal, not the hybrid bile that so many bands are passing off as doom these days. The monster riffs will bludgeon you senseless and shake you to the core, but you’ll keep coming back from more, willingly and repeatedly.

Primus is pleased to announce that ‘Green Naugahyde’, its first studio album in 11 years, is now streaming exclusively on South Park’s Facebook page, a week before release on September 13th on ATO Records/Prawn Songs. Primus has a longstanding history with South Park, having written and recorded the Comedy Central show’s theme song over 10 years ago. The album stream, which will be available for two weeks, is part of South Park’s “Year of the Fan” promotion.

Jeannie Saiz, lead vocalist and guitarist for the stoner sludge metal band Shroudeater, spoke with me about the group’s newest release, ThunderNoise. As you might expect, ThunderNoise is a very heavy affair. It’s raw, overdriven and in-your-face, but also has a groove to it that just seeps into your skin commanding attention. Here’s what Saiz had to say about the band and their new release, ThunderNoise.