Mushroomhead are preparing to release their newest offering, The Righteous & The Butterfly, on May 13, 2014. In order to delve into a more intimate understanding of this new recording, I caught up with drummer Skinny to discuss his favorite piece of gear. The band definitely has a unique sound and I was excited to learn how they go about obtaining it. Here is how the conversation went.

The band Across Tundras is a group of musicians who have actually been able to successfully construct their own fusion of music which is simultaneously seamless and creative. This past April the band released their latest LP, Electric Relics, via Neurot Recordings. Recorded by Mikey Allred and Tanner Olson at Ramble Hill Farm during February of 2013, the album would also be mixed and mastered by Allred.

Some bands never got what they deserved during their time. In the ’80s, when the thrash metal movement was spreading its hard-livin’, no-fucks-given ideology all over the world from America, one European country in particular was especially enticed by it: Germany. Spawning what would eventually be known as “Teutonic Thrash Metal”, Germany was the next go-to country for rabid thrash metal fans; with the unholy trio of Destruction, Kreator and Sodom being to German thrashers what the Big Four (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer) were to Americans.

Many Canadian hardcore bands emerge seemingly from out of nowhere; each one trying to make a name for themselves. Try as they might, very few succeed and are eventually swallowed up by the pollution in this genre. Dead And Divine however, are one of the few strong enough to have risen above the rest. Having released two EP’s and two full length albums, D&D are gearing up for their third album Antimacy.

More often than not, when bands are hailed as ‘one to watch’ they end up being unable to live up to the hype. For most of 2010, Straight Lines have featured on the undertones of British music press, and although they haven’t made the “big time” yet, they’ve developed a steady following, played some big UK festivals, and in November managed to pull off their own headline tour. So they might not be top of the pile thus far, but they’re definitely doing something right.

Welcome one, welcome all, to Hollywood. A place where dreams come true, and lives are turned around. In this case we are referencing the southern hardcore band He Is Legend. Anybody who pops this Wilmington, North Carolina band’s music into their CD player, iTunes or MP3 thingy will be immediately blown away… figuratively speaking.