shadows fall


You know when a band has one of their songs appear in the Guitar Hero/Rock Band song list, that they’re a group no metal purist/elitist will want anything to do with. Well, well, well, lookie here… Shadows Fall, a once-melodic-death-metal-but-they-didn’t-like-that-label-and-decided-to-go-metalcore-instead band that first grew to mainstream prominence with their classic album The War Within (with a song playable in Guitar Hero 2) is about to release their seventh studio album to hit music stores worldwide with the force of an offended Justin Bieber fangal’s slap.

After about 5 hours of sleep I was back to Parc Jean-Drapeau for the second day of Heavy MTL. I quickly got myself to the front of the Mayhem Stage where Hail The Villain soon came on and rocked the crowd, opening with “Try Hating The World”. HTV were magnificent performing songs off their album Population: Declining. Bryan Crouch satisfied the crowd with his scary movements and talked about how they are the most badass group – Hail The Villain definitely won fans’ hearts.

Is there something in the air in the U.S. State of Massachusetts? Or maybe it’s the water? Perhaps a contagious virus? I pose these questions only because of the remarkable fact that so many of the biggest and baddest metal, hardcore, and metalcore bands of the 1990s and the present originate from the Bay State. The examples really are endless, there’s Killswitch Engage, Unearth, All That Remains, Since The Flood and of course Shadows Fall.