A year after the release of …Of Exile, Scythia delivered their EP For The Bear…. This extended play once again embodies their neo-classical folk metal with an oboe. What make Schytha’s sound “fun” is their use of group vocals. This gives it a “fun for everyone” type of vibe. While quite good, For The Bear only contains a few new songs, plus 3 remixes from their debut album …Of War. It’s a decent effort to tide fans over, but more new material is certainly desired. If you pick up a copy of this EP, shout along till you lose your voice!

Deep within the province of British Columbia live 5 beings who together are called Scythia, and recently forged a disc of 10 fantastic, folk metal songs. According to the group, this is a fantasy concept record which tells a story – the album artwork portrays times of kings, knights, castles and dank pubs. Does this remind you of a few movies or TV series (Pillars Of The Earth, Lord Of The Rings…)?

Scythia are a Canadian folk metal band who are getting ready to release their new album, … Of Exile on September 23rd. I recently got a hold of oboist Morgan Zenter who answered a few questions about her “Oboe Of Death”. With her on stage and everywhere else, keep reading to learn more about this intriguing instrument.

Vancouver folk metallers Scythia, fresh from returning home from their “Exiled Across Canada Tour” in support of their debut release ‘…Of War’, have announced they will be premiering on Blank TV their 5 part Red Wizard mini-series that they filmed via an iPhone while on the road.