Scale the Summit


Progressive instrumentalists Scale The Summit are streaming their acclaimed new album The Migration – out in North America tomorrow – online via SoundCloud… have a listen to this majestic new offering below. Recorded with Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me) at Basement Studios, the album features mesmerizing cover art by illustrator Duncan Storr (Edge of Sanity, Hawkwind) and 10 thrilling, adventurous soundscapes from one of the leading acts in modern prog.

The Migration, Scale the Summit’s fourth studio album, left me a little puzzled. It definitely SOUNDS like Scale the Summit so, if you’re super into jazzier instrumental music that features rock instrumentation, you won’t be disappointed. Chris Letchford and Travis Levrier maneuver their guitars tactfully, creating an immense wall of sound with the help of a substantial amount of delay at times, which adds to many of the tracks’ ethereal feel. Unlike many guitar-driven instrumental albums though, there is absolutely no sense of overplaying. It’s refreshing, in a sense, to hear lead guitar performed in such a way that allows for the song to breathe, instead of forcing cascades of notes into your ear just for the sake of being featured on Guitar World’s “Betcha Can’t Play This.”

Progressive instrumentalists Scale The Summit have revealed another song from their June 11 new release, The Migration, exclusively on the Prosthetic Records YouTube page – listen below! The track, “Atlas Novus,” takes you on a winding five-minute journey full of smooth progressions, subtle virtuosity and emotional melodies. You can view the video, featuring illustrative artwork completed by Duncan Storr (Edge of Sanity), directly below.

Day 13, 14, 15, and 16: Fullerton, Camarillo, San Jose and South Lake Tahoe, California: It seems as though the last four days have been more of a vacation than a cross-country tour. We had short drives which means we got to spend our days at the beach instead of the van! We all still have the sunburns to show for it as well. Which I defiantly got hit the worse with. I decided to take a two hour nap on Venice beach which is a bad idea for a fair skinned Canadian. Also, nobody told me I should brush away any sand that piles up on your body. I currently look like a red and white dairy cow. Blotchy, pale and sore.

Day 1: Howell, Michigan: Howell, Michigan: Hey all. For those who are new and reading this for the first time, my name is Ben and I play guitar for Today I Caught the Plague. Ill be taking over the blogging duties for David while we’re on our very appropriately named “Adventure Metal Across America Tour” with Scale the Summit. For those who read David’s previous American tour blog welcome back! Unfortunately you’re stuck with me this time.

The bass guitar has become more prominent in progressive metal. From the latest Cynic EP to the latest Opeth album, it has finally spoken up and made its voice better heard amidst the dominance of the lead electric guitar(s) and keyboards from traditional progressive metal à la Symphony X.