Adrian Dabu (vocals), Johnny Wright (guitar), Danny Smetak (guitar), and Michael Hartley (drums) came together in Chicago, IL and formed a heavy hitting progressive metal machine which they’ve dubbed, The Great Divide. Set to release their debut EP, Fault Lines, on December 8th, 2014, the group have just dropped a sampler of each of the EP’s 5 songs. Check out the monstrous riffs in this world premiere!

I recently had the opportunity to speak with drummer John Tacon of the New Jersey-based alternative band Brick + Mortar about the one favorite piece of gear in his arsenal. The duo has been carving out a niche and making a name for themselves through lots of hard work and touring, including having shared the stage with bands the likes of Anthony Green and making a statement at last year’s Lollapalooza. Here is what Tacon had to say.

Chaos Records and Dark Blasphemies will co-release Unconsecrated’s ‘Awakening in the Cemetery Grave’ on July 9th with a vinyl LP version to follow later in the year. The CD can be pre-ordered at THIS LOCATION. Featuring all the material the Spanish old school death metallers have recorded to date, the compilation includes the ‘Unconsecrated Cemetery’ (2006) and ‘Dark Awakening’ (2007) demos, as well as 2010’s ‘Slave to the Grave’ EP, which was previously released as a 7″ on Dark Descent Records. The material has been remastered by Skaldir at the Kalthallen Studios in Germany (2011) and cover art comes courtesy of Daniel Devilish (Entrails, Malfeitor, Blood Mortized).