ronnie james dio


Given the less than compelling content seeping into the hard rock scene at the time, DIO’s The Last in Line was the right record at the right time when it was released on July 2nd, 1984 via Warner Bros. Records. Thirty-five years later, it’s still guaranteed to blister your backside like no other slab from that era.

During his life, iconic singer Ronnie James Dio championed countless musical and humanitarian crusades, the famous all-star Heavy Metal ensemble Hear ‘n Aid being a perfect example. Another of these such causes is The Brittany Foundation which Dio and his beloved wife Wendy supported from its early stages. This non-profit organization is dedicated to the rescue and recovery of homeless and endangered dogs. Such was the Dio’s commitment that before the singer’s untimely passing, Wendy spent a day in a kennel to raise awareness about the subject and raise funds for the organization.