After a highly successful debut album that garnered over 100,000 downloads, Drunk Souls have returned with their follow up titled Revolution. The record is a sixteen song affair that attempts to build on the success of their first album. The message is still there while the hooks and emotion have only gotten better. From the new album comes the title track “Revolution”, which we’re pleased to present to you for free download.

This is the fifth full-length album from the New Zealand funk/reggae band, The Black Seeds. I have actually never listened to these guys before and had no expectations when I popped it into my player. That said what I found was a very interesting, enjoyable disc with quite a bit of variety as well. Obviously there’s a reggae vibe to the whole disc, but tunes like, “Don’t Turn Around” and “Wide Open” are so funky they feel like they were stolen right from the ’70s. Songs like “Pippy Pip” and “Crack In Our Crown” on the other hand, are so pop-oriented they could easily be played on top 40 stations around the globe.

Over the past 10 years since they formed, Can’t Hang have played all over the U.S.A., leaving behind them a trail of broken beer bottles, hangovers, broken hearts, and a solid fan-base in their wake. With a DIY attitude and no major label support, this Baltimore based quartet has toured the country numerous times, selling over…