Hey Sugar are a Montreal-based band that bring back that old-school rock n’ roll, but with a mix of modern hardcore. The first time I heard the group I instantly fell in love with their classic rock n’ roll soul and spirit as it’s something that most current, popular bands are lacking. The band recently finished recording their Matt Ray and Oli Jean-produced debut album and have filmed their first music video for the track “All That I Need.” I got a chance to talk to bassist Marc Astolfi about what the band, what it was like shooting their first music video and what 2011 has in store for the guys.

On a Saturday night I decided to head on over to a local show in town adjacent to mine. There I watched the Quebec band Manahil perform, as they call it, ambient music for metalheads. After seeing them live I had to get myself a copy of their album Hadayane and decided to share with you just how it sounds.