Sludge metal is one of those genres that can go either way with me – I’m not a huge fan, but at the same time I do like me the occasional album; when it’s played right the results can be pretty spectacular! Year Of Sleep by Toronto’s Pyres, while not spectacular, is still a pretty damn good album and certainly a pleasant surprise. While many songs sound like pre-Yellow & Green Baroness (Parts of “Atlas Cast No Shadow” sound like a dead ringer for Baroness’ “The Sweetest Curse” for example) Pyres still comes across as fresh and exciting.

Hailing from Toronto, the mecca of musical ingenuity, Pyres take form as a hydra of heaviness, melody, and groove. Steeped in the murky waters of sludge and hardcore Pyres forge a bastard marriage of rock and metal that blurs the disparate boundaries of extreme music. Impassioned vocals bellow indictments of our crumbling collective conscience, travelling over waves of ever-evolving ris. ick tones of dual guitars attack, while a pummelling and urgent rhythm section surges beneath.