protest the hero


Some people look forward to Christmas. Some people look forward to the best part of waking up in your cup, while others to DJ bedroom parties. I, on the other hand, mark my Advent calendar, ’cause I love the treats, for any upcoming Protest The Hero release in red Sharpie. I’ve been blue ear-ing since their 2011 release Scurrilous, and as with every Protest The Hero album, I learned a new word.

New York, NY: 6:30 in the morning we arrived outside the venue in New York City to ensure we wouldn’t have to fight for parking. Being that it was so early in the morning we parked the van and the most of us went right to sleep. We woke up to find that the spot we had parked in was a no-standing zone, and as no one was in our driver’s seat for a period of time we had received a ticket, and had to relocate. It was likely around noon at this point, thus making the disruption of our much needed rest, and our early trek in to the city for naught.