Cedarville, Ohio based post-hardcore band Wolves At The Gate are gearing up to release their highly anticipated sophomore album, VxV June 10th. With less than a month to go before it debuts, the band has premiered a new song called “Relief.” Wolves At The Gate’s unyielding faith helps fuel their explosive performances on VxV, which teems with soaring vocals and searing guitars that fans have come to expect. The album was produced and mixed by Will Putney (For Today, Chiodos, Like Moths to Flames) at the Machine Shop in Belleville, NJ and features 12 bold tracks that showcase incredible talent and strong devotion to God through an onslaught of heavy riffage and pit swirling blast-beats.

You ever put on one of those albums that you just know you’re not going to like from the get go? You know, you turn it on and about a minute in, you realize that you are going to hate it? Have you ever then sat through the remaining album trying to find some redeeming qualities in said disc and been unable to? Well, Menthell is a lot like that for me.

Thrice are one of those bands that really can’t put out a bad record. Each one of their releases has been ear pleasing and full of passion (to me personally at least). They’ve been a band who is 100% into taking chances and trying new things and since their release of Vheissu in 2005, the band has not only stepped out of the box, but have smashed the box and burned it’s remains.