Boy Set Sail are a 4 piece pop-rock band from Newport, South Wales. The band started in late 2010 and includes members from previous Newport based band – Take the floor. With influences from established artists such as New Found Glory, Four Years Strong and The Rocket Summer they have created a unique style which will please all.

For a sophomore album, it doesn’t deviate from their first record. But we’re trying to ignore that point. And for a sophomore album, it doesn’t step into any new territory, not even a little bit, not even one iota. But – and you guessed it – we’re all trying really hard to ignore that point as well. And for a supervening record, what An Horse’s Walls does do, extremely well, is distil that transient feeling of separation; of foreign environments and familiar hopes. A dichotomy this Aussie duo has pinned down to perfection.

Big Talk should have just scrapped the filler and shortened the album into an EP. “No Whiskey” is a cracking effort, the sort that could be found on a Seasick Steve album (minus the gruffly voice) while the aforementioned “Katzenjammer” and “Living In Pictures”, “A Fine Time To Need Me” and “Big Eye” could have made up the rest, forming a very listenable collection of songs.

In lead up to a new album, M83 has released a track titled “Midnight City”. Sticking to the formula of shoe gaze and dream pop, Anthony Gonzalez lets this gem slip early and leaves us hoping the rest of the album is as good. The track is unique, even for an M83 song, in that the chorus is completely instrumental; the only vocals coming calmly and quietly in the subdued verses.

If you can picture in yourself on a beach, surrounded by clear blue skies, accompanied with a cocktail at your side and then seek the perfect soundtrack, look no further than “Take Me Somewhere” by Tennis. Alaina Moore’s calm, melodic voice takes you through a relaxing cruise of surf rock. Do not be surprised if the chirping guitar, tapping ride cymbal and light background organ transports you and your headphones to The Bahamas, and one thing is for sure; you will not want to leave.

Welcome to Awolnation. Over the last few months the solo project of Aaron Bruno, formerly of Under the Influence of Giants, has really taken off in the world of alternative rock. Fueled by the hit single “Sail,” Awolnation’s debut record Megalithic Symphony has become one of the summer’s surprise hits. The record goes all over the place in terms of its sound and style, ranging from indie rock to alt rock to electronica to even hip hop beats.