Pigs, the New York City noise-rock trio featuring Dave Curran (Unsane) on guitar and vocals, Jim Paradise (Player’s Club, Freshkills, Hellno) on drums and renowned producer Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Converge, Made Out of Babies, Unsane, Keelhaul) on bass and vocals have recently revealed a new track from their forthcoming new EP Gaffe. Check out “If I’m In Luck” just below.

Pigs are a side project of Unsane bassist Dave Curran: First, get past the (in my opinion) absolutely horrible album cover of two disheveled clowns as what’s on the album isn’t half bad: Fuzzed out, groovy muck with a dash of punk and doom thrown in for good measure.

This Brooklyn, NY rock band is comprised of three people all devoted to making beautiful noise. Dave Curran (guitar, vocals), Andrew Schneider (bass, vocals) and Jim Paradise (drums) united under the simple moniker of Pigs in order to bring their dirty, swine-infused rock to the masses. Said Dave Curran of the band name: “We figured it was short enough that press and promoters couldn’t fuck it up.”