pig destroyer


Last month, grindcore masters Pig Destroyer announced plans to release a two song doom EP entitled Mass & Volume this Fall. Previously available for a limited time as a digital only release with all of the proceeds going to the family of former Relapse Records employee Pat Egan, who tragically passed away last year, this cult release will now be available on physical formats for the first time ever. “Red Tar” is one of the tracks on this special EP and is now receiving its debut as a stream.

Grindcore Masters Pig Destroyer have released a never before heard EP entitled Mass & Volume. This EP is dedicated to the memory of Pat Egan and to the loving family he left behind. The EP is a Doom EP and the artwork was created by Arik Roper. The EP is available for purchase via the Bandcamp link/player below. This is the only format that this EP is available in and all proceeds of this recording will be donated to the college fund of Pat Egan’s daughter Katie.

Most metal fans have probably noticed the amount of hype surrounding Pig Destroyer. It seems like everywhere you look you see the band’s name, and someone in the press is trumpeting about how great Book Burner is. Personally I’ve always thought that Pig Destroyer was an average band. Not great mind you, but alright. I mean, as far as grind goes the band is simply alright. Again, not GREAT like much of the press trumpets them, but okay.