Virtually every metal fan around the world is familiar with Dave Lombardo and his work as the drummer of one of the “Big Four,” Slayer. Since his departure from the group he has been keeping himself busy with many other projects, including the hard-kicking band, Philm. I recently had a chance to sit and chat with Dave; here is how the conversation went.

As far as side bands and side projects go, it doesn’t get much bigger or better than Philm. Slayer drummer Phil Lombardo started a new group that you might be a little surprised by. You’d think that a band started by a member of Slayer would sound similar to the classic metal vibes of that revolutionary band, but Lombardo has decided to really change things up. He’s scaled down his massive drumset to a simple four-piece reminiscent of drummers from the 1960s. Lombardo has likened the sound of Philm to taking all the heavy songs from the 1960s, bringing that era to modern times and mixing them up with the trance and psychedelic sounds of today.