Phil Sgrosso


When you hear the word ‘metalcore’ one of the first bands that comes to mind should be As I Lay Dying. Hailing from San Diego, California, AILD are one of the metalcore monsters who helped to create the genre; and will surely be one of the last to survive. The band was asked to join the Heavy T.O and Heavy MTL festivals that transpired on July 23rd and 24th respectively. I had a chance to sit with Guitarist Phil Sgrosso and chat about recent activities and their upcoming 10 year anniversary.

As I Lay Dying came through Toronto on Wednesday May 14th at the Phoenix and we managed to ask lead guitarist Phil Sgrosso some deadly questions on their tour bus. The band was headlining the tour and put on a perfect show. We wouldn’t be surprised if there was a kid in the mosh pit who died that night listening to As I Lay Dying as he lay dying.